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Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 1969, it is the oldest electronics and computer magazine publishing company in Hong Kong. With 45 years of experience in publishing, it started publishing the 'Electronic Technology Monthly' in 1969, following by 'The Radio Experimenter Monthly' in 1970, published 'AV Magazine Monthly' in 1977, and '0011 Computer Monthly' in 1983. During its business development, 'Modern Electronic & Computing Publishing Co. Ltd.' was set up in August 1988, started publishing 'Computer Today Monthly' in 1988 and 'Hong Kong Internet Monthly' later in 1996.

As an internationalized company, we are also responsible for the publishing and advertising agency of 'Audio-Visual World Monthly' since 1992 and 'Electronic Industrial Equipment & Devices Monthly' since 1996 with the co-operation of the Guangzhou and Beijing units. In addition, with our deeply-grounded experience in electronic and computer sectors, we also publish various kinds of electronic and computer reference books, ranging from 'Practical Electronics Handbook', 'Basic Principle of Solid State TV Receivers', 'Transistor-TV Servicing', 'The World TTL IC Data & Cross Reference Guide', 'Transistor Specification Manual', 'Picture Troubleshooting of PAL Colour Television', 'Diagnosis of Hi-Fi Circuit & its Newest Circuit Project', 'Apple II Computer Guide Volume 1-7' and many others.

Being a part of the Electronic and Computer sectors, our company even doubles up as an Organizer of Exhibitions, takes Technical Forums and Seminar, run Electronic design Competition, Computer software design Contests, Hi-Fi concerts and many other activities, with an aim to promote the Electronic, Computing and AV technologies.

Our magazines and books come with a well-accepted market status in various places other than Hong Kong and Macau. Our company has been the first most-popular Hong Kong-based publishing company in Taiwan from 1972. Coming with a worldwide marketing network, our magazines and books are also marketed to China from 1980, as well as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

To be ahead of others, 'Electronic Technology Publishing Co. Ltd.' steps further to set up 'Electronic Technology International Co. Ltd.', '{C}Shenzhen Smart Advertising Co Ltd.', etc., featuring a wide range of business from trading, publishing, colour separation, production, artwork design, network engineering and many others. All these diversified businesses are summed up in the well known, 'Electronic Technology Group'.