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The internet population is expanding quickly everyday. With over billions of email accounts and surfers on the net around the world. E-commerce and internet marketing is becoming more and more popular. According to the figures from the United States. Over 90% of The U.S. government agencies and business companies do have their own homepage on the net with millions of people surfing everyday. This huge amount of information exchange is resulted from the growth of internet. We have to say that Internet marketing is now one the most effective and efficiency marketing strategies.

How can you benefit from creating homepage?

Creating a custom Homepage for your company allows your business to have World Wide exposure to everyone in everywhere at anytime. It also allows customers, dealer, and clients to obtain information regarding your company's services and products. Your business then becomes one that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It incorporates interaction between viewer/clients/dealers and your company through your Homepage so that they can make comments, inquiries, or orders directly to your business over the Internet.

We are a diverse and versatile multimedia design house and our mission is to promote high quality service at a competitive price in order to help our clients to benefit from the latest technology innovations. Picking up domain names (NETdentity), Solving Year 2000 Problem, Setting intranet in companies, Computer Maintenance Service, Programming, Software and Hardware Installation are also part of our area of service.
Website Design
HTML Web Page Design HK$300 / Page
Shopping Cart / Back-end System / Database About HK$1,500
Flash Movie (Standard) To be considered separately
Images Handle To be considered separately
Web Hosting (500MB) HK$80 / month HK$960 / month
My SQL Database HK$60 / month each HK$720 / month each
POP3 Email Account HK$25 / month each HK$300 / month each
FTP Account HK$30 / month each HK$360 / month each
Domain Name Registration
International Domain Name (.COM) HK$300 / year each ; HK$590 / 3 years each ; HK$740 / 5 years each
Hong Kong Domain Name (.COM.HK) HK$200 / year each ; HK$500 / 3 years each ; HK$800 / 5 years each
Hong Kong Domain Name (.HK) HK$250 / year each ; HK$625 / 3 years each ; HK$1000 / 5 years each
  Standard Advance Professional
Web page Design 10 pages 15 pages 25 pages
500MB Web Hosting (12 months Web Hosting Free)
POP3 Email Account 3 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs
My SQL Database (1pcs) --- ---
Flash Movie (First Page) ---
Total : HK$ 4,000 6,000 10,000
Advertiser of Electronic Tecnology
1 Year Contract (30% off) HK$2,800 HK$4,200 HK$7,000
6 Months Contract (20% off) HK$3,200 HK$4,800 HK$8,000
3 Months Contract (10% off) HK$3,600 HK$5,400 HK$9,000

* All images need client provide
* Pay not include take photo and image handle
* Except Web Design, we also provid: Internet set up (e.g. Document Server), Computer repair and maintenance


Contact Information

Address : Room 1, 9th Floor, 15 Shing Yip Street, Shing Win Industrial Building, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : (852) 2342 8298 , 2342 8299
Fax : (852) 2341 4247
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