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Profile (Discontinued)

The Advanced e-Process & Manufacturing SMT (APM) is a newly independent magazine (founded by HONG KONG Electronic Technology Publishing Co.,) with a thirty-eight years history of providing Asia-Pacific's SMT industries that deliver better and professional services.

The contents of APM majority introduce SMT industry's new developments, new trends, new technologies, new manufacturing, as well as the promotion of new devices and new materials. Each APM has 30,000 copies of circulation. All magazines will send with free to the production engineer, quality assurance / control / testing engineer, design engineer, electronic development / design engineer, industries manager, marketing & manufacturing manager, purchasing manager and technical engineer, EMS, OEM and OEDM fields from major electronic industries all over the world. We also will attend more than 50 global fairs every year.
With thirty-eight year history of internationalization specialized publishing experiences, we accumulated rich and long-term electronic specialist and reader resources, strong power in electronic publication edition. So as a valuable new acquisition in many electronic presses?technical monographs, APM will certainly to be a specialized publication of providing readers that deliver the international SMT magazine's level, benefits the Asian and Pacific's SMT industries by our publication agency.
The advantages of APM (SMT specialized periodical)
The high quality of APM contents
With thirty-eight year history of specialized publishing experiences in electronic industry, Hong Kong Electronic Technology Publishing Co., has a large high quality professional electronic editor. We always put our standpoint in the head of electronics industry; through establish a long-term shared information system with many well-known electronic R&D organizations all over the world, we will send the latest information to electronic members at first time.

APM will invite experts who well-known in international and domestic electronic assembly technology to write original ideas articles, and invite international's renowned OEM and EMS manufacturers to share their experience with readers in the field of technology, simultaneously APM will also reported the latest industries and markets dynamics. Our aim is to strive to provide industries members with the industries information what they need and which the most practical.

The topics of each issue: Special focus, hot point technique, experience forum, corporate close-up, products express, industry report ..... etc.,

Combining the actual situation of SMT industry development in Greater China region, against the most hot spots, difficult problems, we will give corresponding reports from the world's leading authoritative experts' technical papers and solutions in time, so readers can receive the most timely technical and information supports.
Issue advantages
Our readers cover: industrial electronics, consumer / home appliance electronics, communication electronics, computer / IT technology, automotive electronics, electronic components, production equipment and materials, PCB manufacturing, measuring & test technology, medical / military electronics, trade and manufacturing services etc.,

APM will cooperate with Electronic Technology to attend more than 50 global Fairs every year. We rely on many years?smooth distribution channels and accumulated rich readers resources, thirty-eight year of our well-known, fine reputation which forms in the world, and as the founding members of the SMTA Hong Kong Branch, our publication owns outstanding quality, we have every confidence in our magazine ability to become general public concern and favorable publication in SMT readers.