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The need to address Information Technology (IT) education among our scholars is crucial. As reported in Hong Kong i-mail, Hong Kong is now facing a serious IT graduates shortage.

'Innovation and technology are essential to enhance productivity for our sustained economic growth,' said Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa in addressing his policy last year. Therefore, our education system should adopt the new system in developing and training the students to accommodate the needs of the new economy.

It is our responsibility to lead and to guide the young generation to learn how to utilize computer technologies to enhance their skills and knowledge. Also, teachers need to enrich their knowledge as well as to adopt a new approach to optimize their teaching skills to cope with the IT revolution environment. In order to grasp the first hand information and up-to-date technological trends, magazine, is indeed the ultimate tool to achieve a higher quality standard of learning in today's world.

'e-Campus Today Monthly' is sold solely through subscription as well as distributed together with 'Computer Today Monthly'. 'Computer Today Monthly' is a comprehensive monthly magazine specially designed for computer's end user to keep track of e-commerce trend. It provides high quality resources such as the latest information technology market news, computer operation technology, computer hardware/software products, digital technologies and its applications.

'e-Campus Today Monthly' has been a great success when it penetrates the education market in 1998. It is strongly supported by the Government's Education Department and all the educational institutions in Hong Kong. Readers of 'e-Campus Today' comprised of school principals, computer teachers, librarians and students.