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Electronic Technology

An Introduction of the Topics In Electronic Technology
 Electronic Technology Monthly is the publication specially published for the electronic industries, covering the latest electronics development, industrial news, technical information and product informations. It is a must read magazine for electronic technician and component purchasers.


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Magazine Content

Focus Story
Cover the latest technology and knowledge in Electonics, updated technologies for manufacturing, production, application on automation control, and outlining topics with the latest electronics technology which apply on R&D and daily life.
Technical Section
  • Communication Technology
    Introducting the latest technologies in Communication, System standards and its development trend, analyze key systems, equipments and other products of communication.
  • Consumer Electronics
    Providing the latest technology, principal and development trend on consumer electronics, including technology of Digital AV system, DTV/HDTV, DVD, VCD, CD player, and those technology in Mobile, MP3 player, portable player, Digital Camera, DV ...etc.
  • Computer Technology
    Featuring an array of the latest technical knowledge on Computer design, Computer Sytem & networking. Analyze products specification and Electronic Technology - Presenting the latest and practical technology in Electronic Components, including common, specific and mix ICs, discrete semiconductors components, display system such as LCD/PDP/VFD/EL, Resistor and potentiometer, capacitor, Inductor, Relay, conector, sensor, speaker, crystal, SAW, Ceramic filter, plug and socket, switch, transformer, regulator, motor, fuse, antenna...etc.
  • Exhibition Highlight
    Report the highlights of all the major World's electronic industrial exhibition and other activities.
Design Resources
  • Communication Design
    Introducing the latest application of electronic components on designing communication products, including design precedent of typical product.
  • Consumer Electronic Design
    Introducing the latest design solution on consumer electronics, such as digital AV technology, DTV/HDTV technology, DVD, VCD, CD player technology, and those tehcnologies in Mobile, MP3 player, portable player, Digital Camera, DV...etc.
  • Computer Design
    Presenting the latest application of Electronics Components on computer hardware and its peripheral device, also included design solution of motherboard, add-on card and other peripheral device.
  • General Design
    Featuring newest way to use typical components on designing general electronics products, such as home electrical, remote control, radio, recorder and oddments.
  • Manufacturing and Testing
    Covering the latest technologies in electronics manufacturing, test and measurement method, evaluate and analyze latest production equipment, Test and measuring tools, meters, tools and related software. Also include updated buyer guide and its application for productions.
Electronic Express
Presenting the "latest and hottest" products, news and market trends, from components to manufacturing equipment, to keep you in touch with the development of the global electronic industry and technology.
Editor's Choice
Reports on all the latest parts and products released by those World Leading Electronics Manufacturers, including Editor's recommendation.
Other information such as the calendar of the global electronic exhibitions, seminar conference, and international website directory are contained monthly.