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Energy conservation subsidies “Second extension “ The Ministry of Finance increased another 4.5 billion RMB
Recently, The State Council has approved six kinds of high efficiency and power saving products of enjoying the financial subsidies range, the product includes Tablet PC, Unit Air conditioner, Wind Engine, Pump, Compressors, Transformer .

The purpose of subsidies is to popularize energy conservation products and promote power - saving and emission reduction, besides, under the sliding economic circumstances, this financial policy is aim to stimulate consumption and increase domestic demand for “stable economic growth “

The newly round expansion of energy conservation product policy was temporarily regulated one year as operation period. The Ministry of Finance hopes able to rise the market share of energy conservation products up to more than 40%. For this reason, The Central Finance increase RMB14 billion Yuan subsidies, it is estimated to stimulate155.6 billion Yuan consumption and achieve power saving about 31.3 billion per kilowatt-hour.

This is the second extension of subsidy promotion range, earlier to June of this year, the high efficiency and energy saving has incorporated Flat Panel TV, Air conditioner, Washing Machine, refrigerator, and heater of those 5 kinds of products into subside range. Till now, Eight kinds consumption products and five kinds of industrial products in total fit for financial subsidies ranges, plus early expanded power saving lamp, power saving automobile ,high efficiency electric engin.

Therefore, Power saving subsidy was increased another 15 billion Yuan in June of this year from the estimated arrangement of 15.5 billion Yuan at first stage of this year. This expansion added another 4.5billion Yuan. The total comes to 35 billion Yuan.
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