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International Rectifier, IR has introduced the IR3230SPbF three-phase gate drive IC for eBike inverters providing efficient electric mobility.

The IR3230SPbF is a highly integrated three-phase gate drive IC designed specifically to meet the needs of eBike inverters. The new device offers input range up to 60V, enabling operation from 48V battery systems, regeneration mode to recharge the battery, and the integration of many protection features to reduce component count and improve system reliability.

The IR3230SPbF integrates the sensor interface and 120°/60° selection capability which eliminates the need for a programmable logic array and simplifies the control scheme. An integrated charge pump enables the removal of three electrolytic capacitors required in a typical system.

"The IR3230SPbF is designed specifically for eBike applications, integrating all necessary functions and protection features to offer a more robust and reliable solution compared to discrete solutions," said David Poon, IR's vice president, AsiaPac Sales.

The IR3230SPbF is available in an SOIC28 package featuring an environmentally-friendly, lead-free and RoHS-compliant bill of materials.


Part Number Topology Package Input voltage Output Source/Sink Current
IR3230SPbF Three-phase Driver SOIC28 6-60V +/- 350mA


Production orders are available immediately. A datasheet, qualification standards, Spice Model and design tool are available on the International Rectifier website at

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